Not to be Cliche,But Here’s a List of My Quirks

Alright guys. I’ve fallen victim. I don’t know what else to write and so therefore, today, I’ll be writing a list of cool stuff I like, weird stuff I have done, and things I wish I could do. Hopefully it’s not too boring. I tried to make it not be.

1.) I love eating a McDonald’s hashbrown with strawberry jam spread on top. Yes, you read that right. Don’t judge until you try it; if I had judged my boyfriend Dayton for inventing the combo, I wouldn’t have a delicious signature treat to eat whenever I’m at McDonald’s for breakfast. It’s quite possibly the best random food concoction I’ve ever tried.

2.) I also love quinoa. And kombucha. And green tea. I eat pretty good on the weekdays. And no, I don’t just eat these foods cause they’re healthy. I actually do like the taste of them. Although sometimes I do get a sweet tooth, and fruit just won’t cut it.

3.) I hated exercise until the age of 14. That’s when I joined a tai kwon do class, and actually had fun sweating for the first time in my life. I then followed by joining my schools swim team, which didn’t make me sweat a whole lot, but did make me combat my hate of raising my heart rate. Now I’m into running and high-intensity-interval-training, which both raises my heart rate and makes me sweat.

4.) I have always loved hiking, however. It’s probably because my mom went on hiking dates with my dad while I was in her womb. Ever since then, I’ve loved being in nature, whether than be by the beach or in the mountains. Although I prefer coastal scenery many times over.

5.) My name has evolved, several times over. I decided I hated my full name, Kaitlyn, in kindergarten. Kaity replaced it until highschool, when I decided I wanted to reinvent myself and go by the name Kate. Eventually I decided I prefer the original spelling or my not-so-original name, and went back to Kaity. The original spelling has it’s pro’s and con’s; people tend to have a hard time with spelling my name correctly, like, all the time.

6.) I hate coffee. Well, ok, if you buy me a salted caramel frappucino from Coffee Bean, I’m not turning that sh*t down. But as far as drinking the liquid to actually feel energized, no. Nope. The jitters is what I imagine being high on cocaine would feel like. I’m good, instead I just try to get a better nights sleep. It’s not always possible.

7.) I am agnostic but love learning about eastern philosophy. All the best entrepreneurs have had something to learn from eastern philosophy. Steve Jobs once took a pilgrimage to India during his early years in Apple. I guess you could say I am interested only because Jobs is, however I have always loved learning anything that will help me develop as a person. Although I do love Steve Jobs. Even though I’ve never owned an Apple product. Sorry Steve. I do plan to soon 😦

8.) I’ve never traveled outside of the U.S. … besides going to Baja California. Then we stopped traveling to Mexico when I turned eight. I do want to start traveling though, now that I’m an adult. I plan to visit Costa Rica, Thailand, and Bali someday.

9.) I have an Irish last name, but I’m mostly Czeck. I’d say at least 50% or so… but I can’t be sure since I’ve never taken that blood test.

10.) I’m right handed. But I’m creative. Which I guess isn’t that weird. But wouldn’t it be weird if I were left handed and not creative?

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